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Living in the Anthropocene means that basically all the problems, all the challenges we face on a planetary scale are caused by... ourselves.

Otto Scharmer
Presencing Institute, USA

Just as us humans are the cause of our own problems, we are also the ones with the power to solve them.

The ATTVETA foundation has been supporting projects in the field of education and communication making a contribution to respecting the Earth's pollution limits and to finding solutions to the climate crisis since 2021.


"att veta" means "to know" in Swedish. We believe that spreading knowledge is the key to sustainable progress.

The projects we support ranges from those that encourage personal understanding to those that affect business and communities.
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ATTVETA is the charitable element of the R&GN Family Foundation.

“The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is only light if we are brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” Amanda Gorman



During the industrial period the world population has increased from 1 billion to 8 billion of people. Human beings are intervening in the natural processes of our planet. We live in the human age.

Full world

In the "empty world", the planet was able to compensate for human actions. It is the decision of human beings whether and in what quality the planet allows us to survive.

Planetary boundaries

Science defines nine stress areas in the "full world". We are crossing safe boundaries in more and more of them, at an ever-increasing speed.

Hothouse earth

If we do not succeed in ending the burning of fossil fuels in the shortest possible time, we will enter a hot period unlike anything the earth has experienced for 3 million years, with unforeseeable consequences for us all.



Training as a climate coach and ambassador for young people aged 14 and over

Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld, Trier University

Scholarships in the dual practice integrated course of study, Nonprofit and NGO Management,at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld of Trier University

Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Support for Deutsche Umwelthilfe DUH with court actions against companies and government bodies to enforce climate change legislation requirements

The state also protects, in responsibility for future generations, the natural foundations of life and  animals within the framework of the constitutional order and, in accordance with the law, by executive power and court ruling.

Fundamental Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, Art20a

Presencing institute

Round tables as an innovation forum for the organic food industry and as a pilot project for organic agriculture


Establishment of a future-oriented education for farmers and agricultural consultants on land management systems combining trees and shrubs with crops and livestock - Agroforestry Academy

WIRVIER Kollektiv

Inheritance – a school project: a public-space artistic discussion about wealth, distribution of resources and equal opportunities.


ATTVETA Stiftung